Styx Side Mobile Menu

Beautiful fly-out mobile menu solution to your responsive design needs.

Lightweight, modern and easy to integrate with your website.

Styx Side is a modern, user-friendly mobile menu which instead of opening vertically, it partially slides the whole page to the left or to the right to reveal the navigation options to your users. The advantage is not only esthetical, with a menu which does not go to cover your page content like the classic vertical menus do, but also practical, allowing you to use two different menus with different content on the same page in an unobtrusive way.

Easy and fast integration with your website, it works on every modern browser and device.

It opens to the left, to the right or both sides allowing you to run two menus on the same page.

Ready for both click and touch gestures, it comes with make-it-sticky and smart-scrolling features.

Styx Side
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Styx Side mobile menu