Charon FFmpeg Suite

PHP plugin featuring all FFmpeg tweaks at your fingertips.

Server-side video processing made easy.

Charon is a simple to use, intuitive interface for FFmpeg with integrated file system: every option featured on FFmpeg is available on Charon. Stop getting mad trying to understand how to use FFmpeg for processing or converting that particular video, audio or image; with Charon is as easy as checkmarking a series of FFmpeg available options presented to you in plain English and clicking the process button. And it does not require any installation: simply upload the plugin and you are ready to go. Available for download starting on July 26 2017.

Integrated recursive file system: pick a folder on your server, choose a kind of media and get a list of all matching files on that folder and its subfolders.

Everything FFmpeg can do, Charon can too, but with just one mouse click: always know what you are doing an do it fast. Responsive layout for those video conversions on the move from your mobile phone or tablet.

Pre-order today and pay only $99.95 instead of regular $123.95: that's a 20% savings.

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